Good for you – good for the planet!

nudepeche - inspired by nature, woman, and yoga.

Nudepeche finds its roots in the deep connection between nature, the essence of womanhood, and the profound practice of yoga.

Founded in the summer of 2020 by Nika Katerynchuk, driven by a profound urge to change the "habits of yesterday," it sprouted as a lifestyle activewear brand. In spring 2023, we welcomed Cosima Biela into our fold. 

With a steadfast commitment to transforming the textile industry into a more circular and mindful ecosystem. We continue our journey towards creating sustainable fashion that's as beautiful as it is eco-conscious. We are nurturing a community of individuals who are passionate about preserving our beloved planet.

[nude+pêche] – naked peach

A brand naked to you,

created from the waste left behind.

To give strength to a new movement.

A movement to change the habits of yesterday.

To realize there is never a better time than now.

To be a Woman and to be fair.

To the planet and the people who enjoy it.

We are more than a brand.

We are an idea for change!

Join the movement and get nude!